Uriel’s Gift available in Paperback

We’re excited the share that Edward’s book, Uriel’s Gift is now available in paperback!


Edward’s had quite a few orders and most of the books in this photo above have already been sold which is so wonderful.

It’s very exciting and a little nerve wrecking for Edward as this is his intimate journey of his spiritual awakening.  We believe that Edward is not the only person who has had profound psychic experiences and we know that not everyone feels … safe to share their stories for fear of ridicule.

It is Edward’s hope that his book will inspire those who have had similar experiences to feel that they have found a place of acceptance among friends.

At the bottom of the photo you can see a tiny version of the book. Edward’s very artistic and creative. He’s a bit of marvel with making things, so instead of creating a bookmark or a business card, he’s put together a mini-verion of Uriel’s Gift with the web address inside and the page with the drawing: Follow the Earthen Cascade as the opening.

When people have seen the mini versions of Uriel’s Gift they’ve loved them because they double as a notebook as well as a business card for his book. They’re super cute and great for jotting little thoughts in too.

In the future, if people are interested in buying signed copies of Uriel’s Gift from Edward, we’re sure he’ll send a mini notebook version as a thank you gift too.

So, it’s very exciting times for Edward and we’re looking forward to seeing this unique spiritual book getting out to the people who will benefit from reading about psychic visions, archangels, Jesus and prophecy.

If you’ve read Uriel’s Gift, it would be appreciated if you would give him a positive review on Amazon (on any platform). Reviewing books online helps support authors and it helps other people find books with ease.

At present, you can purchase a paperback copy through amazon.com – Uriel’s Gift.  And it is also available (english paperback version) from amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, and amazon.es.

Thanks for reading this post and if you have had a psychic encounter or a spiritual vision or been touched by an angel, know that you are not alone. We know it takes courage to open up and share such experiences.


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