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Today has been quite exciting. Edward has had to come out of his hermit state of being and endure being photographed for his new author profile on Amazon Author Central.

For anyone who has yet to meet Edward, we can confide that he is an introvert so taking his photo has been a lot of fun. We finally came up with the one below which is now on his author profile. It shows the Prophecy Shield that he created after receiving a vision.  There’s a chapter on the Prophecy Shield in Uriel’s Gift if you want to read about it.

Edward Spellman, Author of Uriel's Gift, profile photo with the Prophecy Shield he made.
Edward Spellman with his Prophecy Shield. 02/03/2017

Learning the ropes of authorship is sometimes daunting but Edward is handling it with his usual good humour and positive attitude.

We’ve created his profile on Amazon Author Central and now it shows up with his books on amazon.com (from the American site only).  Having an author page on Amazon is great because it has a bio, some photos of Edward, a list of his published books (ebook and paperback) and we can add event notices and videos in the future.

It’s also a great way for people to find him, follow him and connect with him.  We’ve even managed to add the RSS feed from this blog to the site. So when we update here, it will be visible there for his readers to check out.

People can also learn a little more about Edward, including the fact that he’s seen visions since he was a young man. For many years he kept his visions to himself as he went through life but after his car accident and the profound experience he had with Spirit, he has embraced this part of himself.

Uriel’s Gift is a spiritual memoir but we think it has an underlying theme of self-acceptance in the arc of Edward’s life experiences.  Not only does the book record Edward’s experiences with spiritual forces, but his visions, his relationship with Jesus, clairvoyant moments that guided him through difficult times in his life and the wisdom of coming to a point of love and accept of who he is now.

As people have bought and read Uriel’s Gift, they have come back with positive comments and reviews. There are three on his ebook on amazon.com.au.

This feedback has meant the world to Edward and he almost glows when he knows that his book has touched his reader’s life in a positive and spiritually profound way.

So, if you’re interested, you can check out Edward Spellman’s Author Central Profile and follow him, or purchase his book, Uriel’s Gift or leave him a review.

All reviews are deeply appreciated.

We’ll leave you with another photo of Edward from today’s shoot. We think it’s a great photo and we hope you do too!

Edward Spellman 2017
Edward Spellman standing in front of his Prophecy Shield.

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