My Relationship with my Spiritual Guide and Teacher – Jesus

I want to tell you about my relationship with one of my most beloved spiritual guides, protectors and teachers. But if I write about my relationship with Jesus, if I do that, I know there will be people who will be offended and challenged by what I write and I respect their right to their opinion. All I have to say about that is, what if? What if I’m telling the truth?

What I have to say has nothing to do with what anyone else has written about Jesus. And it doesn’t have anything to do with any particular religious point of view. Although Jesus features in several of these, I am a member of none.

I am not a member of any church or religion. I consider myself to be spiritual, not religious. And that I am of the Faith of the One. This means that we are all part of the same thing. And that thing is existence as a whole, and existence is what we call God. So the One, or God, is everything.

But back to Jesus. My relationship with him is something that has been forged over, at this point, sixty-two years. The last twenty being the most prominent at the moment—with the occasional flash back to earlier years.

Jesus came to me while I was in meditation and I asked him, “Why are you here?”

He answered, “Write your book. All the answers are in it.”

That meant that, if I wanted to understand why He came to me, I had to write Uriel’s Gift.

When he came to me that time, I saw myself as a young boy and I was wearing Jesus’s robe and sandals.  They were way too big for me. I was like a child playing dress up’s in his fathers clothes. He took me by the hand and asked me to walk with him. As we walked I grew to adulthood and soon both the sandals and the robe I was wearing fitted me.

This meant that as I grew to spiritual maturity, I was following in his footsteps—walking in His shoes. It also meant that, as I was shown in a vision that my path was a path into self-awareness, so too was the path Jesus followed in his time. He was showing me that I was doing the same thing that he had done, in a manner of speaking.

At that time he also showed me that everything is connected, and that everything has a soul.

At another time Jesus said to me, “I do not want you to follow me. Nor will I follow you. But I will always be by your side.”

There have been times on this journey when I have stomped my foot and refused to move forward. He never judges, just waits patiently and picks me up when I fall. Then dusts me off and gets me ready for the next round.

He encourages me and guides me but never tells me what to do. There is always the freedom to choose.

In my visions, I’ve seen Him die on the cross—and I’ve seen him playing at Monty Python and slapping me upside the head with a large wet fish when I was afraid of my path. I suppose I should point out that we arranged that together when He told me there would be times I would be afraid to keep going. The funny vision was designed to be so silly I couldn’t help but laugh and get past my fears. There’s nothing quite like seeing a vision of Jesus in his robe and sandals waving a large wet fish about to get me out of a funk.

There have been times when he has allowed me to feel his emotions. How can I explain that?

As humans we say that we feel another’s emotion—but this was me feeling Jesus’ emotions toward me—it’s hard to explain.

Some of the things He has shown me have brought heart rending sobs and copious tears—others have made me laugh so hard I could hardly breathe.

Walking along the street one time I heard someone say, “Just invite Jesus into your life.” I wondered what they would do if He came to them in the same way he comes to me?

After something like that I used to spend a lot of time wondering, why me? So I asked Him and he said, “Because you are in the right place.”

At first I didn’t like that answer at all—then, after some time and thought, I came to a point where it became completely satisfying.

I have felt His touch—heard His voice—been saved from death or serious injury at least eight times—and felt His love for me as a physical force.

He is my friend—my mentor—my guide—and He is looking over my shoulder right now as I write this.

And He’s smiling.

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