Above the accident

I used to wonder if there was anything after we died? Whether or not angels and Jesus were real? And if they were, were they interested in, and could they communicate with us? Did we have a purpose or were we just wandering around on this earth aimlessly?

I don’t wonder anymore—I know. And that little bit of knowledge changes everything.

I died in a car accident and that resulted in having a conversation with Jesus, Archangel Uriel, and a third spiritual presence I call Farronell. I made up the name Farronell myself. It’s designed to give absolutely no clues to the identity of the third presence—and I’m not telling.

They accepted me as an equal in their presence and showed me my life. It was like watching a movie with me as the main character. I’m not talking about being shown my life up to that point, although that was part of it. They showed me my past, my present, and my future. That, along with the connections they showed me between this life and past and future lives, was what made me choose to come back when they gave me that choice.

On returning to my physical body I saw, or was shown, a vision of my lifeline.

At first sight it made complete sense and gave me hope. Then, after some time it connected itself to other visions and expanded it’s meaning. It became a key to understanding other visions. I could even put dates to specific parts of it.

As it was my lifeline, it began on November 8th 1954. The next specific date was the day of the accident that corresponded with where the line went all squiggly. That was July 17 1996. That indicated the beginning of a time of tumultuous confusion for me, and that coincided with writing and publishing Uriel’s Gift.

Therefore the end of that part of my lifeline is the day of publication which was Friday, January 13th 2017. At this point my lifeline indicates that my life goes off in a completely different direction to anything I have previously experienced. It continues in that same direction until my death. That date to be announced much later.

The path ahead is pretty obvious to me now that Uriel’s Gift is published. It boils down to a few simple words from Jesus. “What’s the point of having a story unless you share it?”

So that’s my purpose in life—to share my story. Oh, and to write another book that will include other peoples experiences.

If you’ve had an experience you would like to share I’d love to hear from you.

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