Receiving and Writing Spiritual Messages

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It happened to me last night.


I was woken at about 1:30am to write a blog for you and this is it.


I often get woken up in the middle of the night with a whisper in the depths of my mind. It’s time to write. If I listen to that voice and write down what comes straight away, I wake up completely until I’m finished and then go straight back to sleep.


If I try to ignore it and pretend to be asleep, it gets more insistent and is like—wake up, wake up, wake up, until I write down the latest message.


Once I argued the point for months before finally writing down what needed to be written down. Now I keep a journal, a torch, and pens of various colours on the bed while I sleep.


It doesn’t always happen at night. It can happen any time and does. At work, while driving, when I’m in the middle of a conversation. Any time really.


While I was working on Uriel’s Gift I always had a back pack with me for my journal and pens—I’d get stressed if I didn’t have it with me.


Sometimes I hear a voice as though a person were talking to me. Sometimes it’s the feathery touch of a whisper in the depths of my soul. If I leave them without acknowledging them, the messages get stronger and stronger until I write them down.


If the messages come as a riddle or a vision they continue to demand my attention until I have worked out what they mean. That used to be really stressful but I’ve gotten used to it over time.


At times I have gone to sleep with a question and been woken up in the early hours with a vision that gives me the answer. Sometimes the meaning of a vision is immediately obvious, while at others it takes me some time to understand them.


Visions connect one to the other. Each vision expands and deepens the meanings I receive. Sometimes I receive an to answer new questions or I am given a new lesson.


This is how I live my life. This is how I approach the act of writing my visions. And this is how Uriel’s Gift was written too.


At one time I asked, “Why is this happening to me?”


The answer I got was, “Because your in the right place.”


I will write more about how I see and experience visions, but for now, you may like to read Above the Accident or My Relationship with my Spiritual Guide and Teacher – Jesus.


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