What happened at the Spiritual Expo?

Edward's stall at the Spiritual Healing & Harmony Expo in Maleny
Edward’s stall at the Spiritual Healing & Harmony Expo in Maleny


Last month, Edward attended the Spiritual Harmony & Healing Expo held in Maleny on the 23rd and 24th September. It was two great days of connecting with like-minded people and chatting to visitors about Uriel’s Gift.

A number of people had spiritual experiences that resonated with Edward. Some had experienced near death experiences and this began many lively discussion. Other people where interested in what the book was about and we learned pretty quickly to let people know that Uriel’s Gift is about much more than a near death experience. That experience is the opening chapter and the start of a fascinating spiritual life.

People visiting Edward's table at the Spiritual Expo
People visiting Edward’s table at the Spiritual Expo

We handed out quite a few excerpts from the book, chatted to numerous people about Uriel’s Gift and Edward’s spiritual experiences and gave people a Spiritual Hygiene Basics flier to take with them because Edward has received some interesting questions such as how to connect with guidance and one of the best ways is to practice good spiritual hygiene.

Spiritual Self Care Basics and other give aways
Spiritual Self Care Basics and other give aways

But what is spiritual hygiene?

Simply put, it is taking five minutes a day to close your eyes, take a deep breath, ground and centre and imagine white light rushing over your body from head to foot and then extending out past your shoulders by about a metre on all sides forming an up-side-down egg shaped aura field of protection.

Good spiritual hygiene is a practice whereby you cleanse your chakras on a daily basis and by doing so you cleanse your aura and build up spiritual connection with your spirit guides and Angels.

We’re excited to say that Edward is working on another book with two co-authors which is aimed at exploring the topic of spiritual basics, spirit guides, Angels and Arch Angels, so if you’re interested in learning more or maybe being one of the first to find out when this book will be out, please make sure you sign up to the mailing list. But do be aware that this book is in the initial drafting phase and may take some time before it is published. The first draft has been put down on virtual paper, so things are moving forward.

We will keep you posted.

Back to the Spiritual Harmony & Healing Expo. This two day event was a very positive experience for Edward. He gave his first public reading on Saturday 23rd which was a success. He was a little nervous but that’s to be expected. We took video but are experiencing some technical difficulties in figuring out how to get it off the iPhone and onto YouTube. Hopefully, we’ll sort this out very soon. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Edward before he started his public reading.

Edward Spellman, Author of Uriel's Gift
Edward Spellman, Author of Uriel’s Gift


At times during the public reading of Chapter 1 of Uriel’s Gift, Edward became emotional as the experiences he has written about in the book and lived through, came flooding back. It choked him up a little but that’s okay, he’s allowed to be human. In fact, that’s what this is all about – his book is about his experience of being human and living a spiritual life. Walking the talk, not just talking the talk. It about so much more than a near death experience as that is where the book opens, then it is a puzzle where he pieces his spiritual life together with his physical life and learns lessons from his interactions with the Arch Angel Uriel, the Arch Angel Mickhael and Jesus.

Uriel's Gift - Maleny Expo with Arch Angel Uriel
Uriel’s Gift – Maleny Expo with Arch Angel Uriel


Overall it was a great weekend. Edward made friends with many people and he hopes those who took a chance on an unknown author and purchased Uriel’s Gift gain something special and positive.

If you have read Uriel’s Gift, why not help other find it by writing Edward an honest review at the place where you purchased it? Taking this action will help others to make the decision to buy it and explore an unusual and mystical spiritual experience.



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