Spiritual Experiences with Angels

These days many people are having profound spiritual, angelic and psychic experiences.

Edward has had several himself that he wrote about in his book, Uriel’s Gift. He died and had a profound spiritual experience where he met Archangel Uriel, Jesus and another spiritual force. During that encounter, he had a choice to stay with them or to return. He chose to return to his physical life and continue his life’s purpose.

When he returned to his human life, spiritual events ramped up and he was no longer able to deny what was happening to him.  He’d experienced visions prior to his accident but after it, they deepened and intensified. And his personal relationship with Jesus grew from doubt to faith.  His visions and encounters with Jesus are truly touching.

Lorna Byrne has also had many deep spiritual experiences with angels.  She is the author of Angels in My Hair and Stairways to Heaven.  She is a beautiful soul with a gentle way about her. She sees angels and she provides people with a different perspective on them.

We wanted to share this documentary called: Lorna Byrne The Lady Who Sees Angels.

Check out this amazing and thought provoking documentary below.

And if you’re interested, please read Edward Spellman’s new book, Uriel’s Gift, to discover his deep and personal relationship with Archangel Uriel and Jesus.

Thanks and blessings.


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