Ever had a spiritual experience you couldn’t explain?


In this video blog, Edward Spellman explains the way he reflects on his spiritual experiences and how he sees Spirit’s hand in his life.  He gives a few quick tips on how to make sense of your own experience. So enjoy watching the video. Hit the like button or even subscribe to his YouTube Channel.


If you’ve had a spiritual experience that doesn’t make any logical sense, how do you figure it out?

Edward recommends using a journal to write down the spiritual experience you have had and to explore it from every angle.

But … what does that mean?

It means, looking at the experience from a symbolic, even angelic perspective, because when we are in our emotions and only looking at situtions from a purely human perspective, it is often difficult to understand what has happened and why. It is best to elevate your consciousness, get out of the body and imagine that you are floating up up up, until you are less emotional and less attached to the physical world. At this level, the things that happen in our lives are not emotional and we do not have the same attachments or cares regarding what happened. From this elevated perspective, we are able to see with a detached sense of self (your higher self lives here) and you can see more clearly what happened, why it happened and begin to unpack the layers.

Humans often experience feelings of anger or resentment at Spirit as we reflect on things only from a human sight perspective because we do not understand what happened, why it happened and at time we believe what took place was unfair. And to the human mind and the human heart, those feelings are totally valid. But if you’ve had a spiritual experience you can’t quite wrap your mind or emotions around, then it is best to look at the situation from a new perspective. Pretend you are someone else, maybe an inquisitive detective, who looks at every aspect of what you had experience with a curious questioning mind.

Sometimes it helps to be the child and see the situation from the innocence of those eyes. From that perspective, the event and the layers take on an almost magickal quality and you can discover even more layers to your experience.

Play, be open, learn from what was and see how the experience may be leading you to discover something important about yourself in your current life situation.

The key to discovering the way Spirit interacts and speaks to you, is through exploring the layers of an experience.

Go deeper than the surface and allow your mind to be open to the intuitive ideas that may come through to help guide you to a deeper understanding.

Don’t be rigid in this process as not every experience can be fully understood in our human life. But we can move to a deeper level through writing things down, unpacking each aspect and reflecting on what we see, feel, taste, smell etc.

Sometimes unpacking a spiritual experience we cannot logically understand is about putting our critical minds to one side and allowing ourselves to be open to the messages and layers that do not make sense to the non-believer.

Trust in yourself and trust in the guidance being there and write and enter into a meditative mental space where your guidance can help you to being to unravel the secret wisdom that lies deep inside your own soul.

Sometimes understanding a spiritual experience is about us opening our eyes to see the layer before and allowing ourselves to move deeper into the experience. Trusting in Spirit to guide you will bring about great revelation.

If you would like to catch up with Edward Spellman, purchase his book, Uriel’s Gift or just have a chat, come along to the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival from 23rd to 25th February 2018.

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