The Three – Tarot Card One

The Three by Edward Spellman
The Three by Edward Spellman

Uriel’s Gift is both my journey from one point in my life to another, and a memoir of that journey.

The book begins with my death. “I died on the seventeenth of July 1996 – life became very interesting after that.”

I had found myself sitting with Jesus, Archangel Uriel, and a third spiritual presence looking down at my body still strapped inside the wreck of my car. I was only with them for a few brief moments but the amount of information they gave me you would expect to take several days to transfer. They showed me my life and where I was up to in this life. They also showed me why I was here in this life and how this life connected to past and future lives. Then they gave me a choice: stay with them or go back to being Edward Spellman.

Part of what they showed me was that I was to write a book about my experiences – but first I would need to have the experiences I would write about.

That journey and those experiences became Uriel’s Gift.

My book is filled with my visions, interpretations of those visions, and sometimes my fears. These visions are guidance, teachings, warnings, or quite often a combination of those three.

Along the way I was at a place where I did not know what to do next with Uriel’s Gift. I was completely out of my depth, and in the depths of despair about it until one day I cried out for help in my mind.

I had written about all of the experiences I could think of but didn’t know how to turn them into a book.

Before another day was gone I saw a vision that gave me guidance to move forward. It was quite simple.

What I saw was a set of cards that looked like a set of Tarot cards but with paintings of my experiences on them. They were set out in chronological order.

It may seem to be the logical way to do it but I simply couldn’t see that until I saw that vision.

Now that Uriel’s Gift is published and out there in the world I have had some requests from my readers to give them more and others wondering how my experiences could help them.

This book, and my experiences that went into it were never meant to be just for me. There is something in it for everyone.

As the vision of the cards helped to guide me, I believe those cards can help guide others along their individual paths. The trouble is I’m the only one who can see them.

That means I have to draw them out of myself and into the physical world by creating them.

I’m going to do about eighty paintings that will be the artwork for a set of Personal Guidance Cards. Plus a guidebook to compliment Uriel’s Gift so more people can benefit from my experiences.

I have just completed the first one. It is called “The Three.”

It is called the three because while I was with Jesus, Archangel Uriel, and the third spiritual presence they showed me what I looked like to them. What I looked like to them was exactly the same as what they looked like to me. They were showing me that at the soul level we are all the same.

This card shows that Spirit is immanent and interested in your life.

It also shows that our lives are not random and that they have a purpose and that that purpose carries on and is connected to both past and future lives.

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