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Uriel’s Gift is a personal journey of a human soul living a human life. It is a personal journey shared with people through Edward’s experiences.

To that end, it is always our hope that when people read this book that they come to a more intimate level of connection with their own spiritual awareness. Edward’s story offers that to the reader and we’re pleased to receive such wonderful feedback from readers.

We would like to extend a heart felt thank you to Maya R for her honest review of Uriel’s Gift.


I just wanted to say the book was amazing, I’ve read it twice and had a few of my work friends read a few chapters to see what the fuss was about. The book feels so engaging but leaves you with more questions than answer by the end of it. LOL. Thank you so much for writing the book and for sharing such a spiritual experience with everyone. More books like this need to come out.

Maya .R.

Thank you Maya, for your honest review of Uriel's Gift.
Thank you Maya, for your honest review of Uriel’s Gift.

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