Creativity takes many forms

Edward has been working a number of creative projects because following his guidance isn’t all about visions and writing them down. Over the years, he has oscillated between writing, meditating and living a creative life.

He consistently answers the call of his inner muse, and most recently, Edward has been spending time in his workshop making leather bags from his own designs.

Here are some photos of his current leather bag creations:

Blue and brown, hand stitched, hand made leather bag with swing clasp.
This blue and brown leather bag is almost finished. Edward is working on the handle right now.


Side view of the blue and brown leather hand bag Edward has been making
This is a side view of the blue and brown bag he’s been working on. The handle will be added sometime this week.


Edward cutting out the cardboard pattern for his handmade handbag creation.
Edward is working on creating the pattern for the handbag handle.


Writing is one creative voice, but the creative call can be answered through art and many other activities too.

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