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A few months after publishing Uriel’s Gift in 2017 one of my readers wrote to me saying that they had enjoyed reading about my experiences, but wanted to know what was in it for them.

The question stumped me as I could not have written the book if I’d had to worry about what was in it for someone else.

The question came back into my mind the other day and I began to think about what I had gotten from the whole set of experiences that resulted in Uriel’s Gift being written and published.

For a start I now have a lot of skills that I didn’t have before this journey began.

A lot of things spring to mind from differend parts of Uriel’s Gift but I am going to try to start from the beginning and work my way through.

This will be book two and I’m calling it “Beyond The Fence”.

Uriel’s Gift was a reflection of my life as I was writing it and my life was a reflection of the book as it evolved.

Beyond The Fence will be my thought’s, rumination’s, and insight’s into those experiences. It will be me getting to a deeper understanding of those experiences and what I have learnt from them.

As I write this new book I am going to use each new insight as a post for this page.

As I answer my own questions my hope is that others questions will be answered.

Edward   20 November 2018

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