Edward Spellman 2017
Edward Spellman standing in front of his Prophecy Shield.

Edward Spellman was born in Cooma, Australia. He has worked as a bricklayer and had his own business until after the car accident and near-death experience that changed his life forever.

Since the time of the accident, Edward has seen a vision of his life line and with the guidance of Archangel Uriel, Archangel Mickhael, Jesus and Farronell he has been committed to writing his spiritual and psychic visions in a book called Uriel’s Gift.

In a vision, Archangel Uriel gave Edward a blood red leather bound book. He opened it and the pages were blank. Here’s an exerpt from Uriel’s Gift:


I asked Uriel, What’s supposed to go in the book?

Your experiences. Fill the pages with the things you see on your journey.

Totally confused, I closed the book and thanked him for his gift. I asked, Who would want to read about me? I’m just a bricklayer.

He just smiled. It’s your book. Fill the pages. Write what you see.


And Edward did write what he saw. He wrote a very personal and spiritual memoir of the past twenty years as he has puzzled out exactly what would go into his book.

He has had psychic visions since he was a young man, however, after the accident he came to love, cherish and accept that when he closes his eyes there is nothing blank or black or dark behind them. In fact, he finds it strange that people don’t see visions and ‘movies’ when they close their eyes.

Behind Edward’s eyes there are worlds, visions and experiences beyond the imagination and his spiritual guides are always there with him. He has a very close relationship with Jesus, who is his most beloved guide, mentor and spiritual friend.

Currently, Edward works in aged care and he is looking forward to sharing his book, Uriel’s Gift with you.

Edward lives in the Glasshouse Mountains with his housemates and their Jack Russell cross, a toy poodle and a ragdoll cat.


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