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Uriel’s Gift Paperback book

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“I died on the seventeenth of July 1996—Life became very interesting after that.”

Over the past several decades, countless accounts have surfaced from those who have died. Now more than ever, people are sharing stories of angels, guides, a great White Light and a sensation of love that can only be imagined. They also describe how much life changes as a result of these experiences.

With the support of all these voices, however, it still takes tremendous courage to tell a story like Edward’s.

A self-employed bricklayer, Edward Spellman was in a terrible accident just outside Canberra. He suddenly found himself with Jesus, Archangel Uriel and a third presence looking down upon his body still strapped inside the wreck of his car. They showed Edward why he was here in this life and how it connected to past and future lives, then they offered him a choice: stay with them or go back to fulfill his life’s mission and share his truth.

Edward chose to return and found that physically recovering from the accident was only the beginning. Along his journey, he would be challenged to develop more trust and resilience than he ever knew he had.

Uriel’s Gift describes the discovery of life’s—and Spirit’s—truest riches. It is a moving, soulful account of what it means to be alive and participating in the development of the soul.



Purchase a signed paperback copy of Uriel’s Gift directly from Edward Spellman.


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